managed services
Moytel Consultants uses various software monitoring tools to ensure that all equipment on the site are effectively managed. Our engineers are adequately trained to deal with challenges encountered on the site and to ensure all performance matrices are met.

Some of our services include:
  • Generator/ATS maintenance and Repairs
  • BTS preventative and event maintenance.
  • AC/DC System Maintenance
  • Public Power Utility Management
  • Passive Equipment monitoring and Maintenance (All technologies)
  • Fuel logistics and management

Inspection, Testing and audits

  • FDR tests for Coaxial cable Transmission lines
  • OTDR tests for Fibre Optics Transmission lines
  • Matching (SWR) and DTF tests and measurements for RF lines
  • AC & DC Reliability tests
  • Ground Resistance Testing
  • Quality (Stress) Tests on E1 and STM1 transmission pipes
  • BER testing
  • Audit GSM sites